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Whether you are a pro web developer or just a beginner, you will still benefit from the top website builders. Join us as we compare the best website builders today!

✔ Last updated: 2022-08-08

It does not have to be a hard task to set up a website for yourself or for your own business. Gone are the days where you have to create a site from scratch.

These days, different website builders can help you set up your website with drag and drop features. There are various templates to choose from. From free templates to premium templates.

You can even choose a theme that will fit your website’s needs. From portfolio to personal blog to eCommerce. So now, it’s time to compare these fantastic website builders available today!


Website Builder

Features We Like

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100+ Ratings

✔  14 Day Free Trial
✔  Wide Range of Templates
✔  Intuitive Drag & Drop Builder
✔  Step-By-Step Tutorials
Easily Customize Sites for Mobile

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✔ Free domain
✔ Hundreds of designs
✔ Website hosting
✔ Free WordPress plugins

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✔ Free Domain
✔ Wide Range of Templates
✔ Unlimited Hosting
✔ Comprehensive SEO package

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✔ 1,000s of plugins
✔ Free & paid plans
✔ Design customization

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✔Custom site built for 
✔ 1-1 guidance, 24/7 support
✔ Mobile/tablet friendly
✔ Worry-free experience

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✔ Best For Online Store
✔ Secure shopping cart
✔ Payment gateway
✔ Mobile-optimized store

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✔ Free basic website
✔ SEO tools
✔ Responsive design
✔ Free hosting
✔ Free images and icons library

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✔ Drag & Drop Builder
✔ Real-Time Analytics
✔ Powerful SEO Tools

Is Building a Website Hard?

No. You don’t need a degree in computer science to develop or build our own website. It has never been easier to create a professional-looking and design-forward site. With the help of prominent site builders, you can easily create your own site.

Do I have to Pay Hundreds of Dollars for These Services?

Again, no. Most of the services we mentioned above offer free options, too. While it is true that paid versions offer more options, you can still create a website for free. It may not have a full feature, but it can still work!

Design Tools

The web services we have listed here offer a wide selection of templates that you can use for your website. They also provide specific templates that are based on the purpose of your site such as hotel reservations, getting gigs, or portfolios.

Once you have chosen a theme for your site, then you need to tweak it and make it your own. Most of these site builders will let you tweak the fonts, color scheme, and even page layouts. You can also design your own landing page!

Final Words

Do not be afraid to build your own website. With the technology that we have today, creating a website has never been easier. We hope that we were able to help you choose the perfect site builder that will serve your site’s purpose.