You can find flood damage in any geographical area, no matter how elevated the area is. The source of a flood can be from sewer lines, burst pipes, or natural disasters. Most of the time, restoration professionals are hired to repair water damage and restore the flooded property.

Regulating the water damage process is necessary to ensure that the properties affected by flood can be restored effectively. It can also keep the workers safe during the cleanup process.

In this article, we are going to discuss some tips on how to mitigate different kinds of water damages. If you are already experiencing problems, you might find solutions that you should follow to help you recover from the water damage faster. It might also help you keep the problem from spreading.

Get Help from Public Adjuster to File a Claim

Most homeowners have insurance for water damages. However, filing claims after experiencing any type of damage could be problematic if you experience it the first time. To lessen the hassle of dealing with insurance companies, you could hire a public adjuster to ensure that you will get the biggest possible settlement.

Here are some tips for you to get your property in shape again.

Know the Different Kinds of Water

There are three different types of water. The first one is the clean water which you can get from different mediums like condensation, leaking pipes and rain. If your area gets flooded with clean water, then it would be easier for you to soak up your place fast. It would also cost less because clean water does not require disinfection.

The second type of water is the “greyish water.” This type of water can be contaminated from laundry, cleaning toilets, and dish-washing. Grey water is wastewater, which means that it would not be enough just to dry up the place. If you get flooded with grey water, you would need to disinfect and scrub the area with bleach.

The last type of water is the “black water.” It is linked to sewage disposal and the overflow of rivers. This type of water is highly contaminated with a lot of insects and bacteria, which means that these germs could multiply quicker. You would need to be more careful with black water because it can cause health problems that should be treated by a health professional.

Dry the Damaged Area

Once you determine your property’s affected areas, then it is time to soak all the water. If the affected area is small, you, together with your team, should place portable electric fans to help with the drying process. If the area is heavily damaged, then we recommend that you fund a large capacity dehumidifier.

Aside from drying out the affected walls and the floor, the right dehumidifier could also get rid of any moisture from the carpet or wood.

Drying out the water is an essential process because it could prevent the moisture from contaminating other unwanted chemicals.

Look for Molds

Mold is one of the common fungi that can grow on anything that is moist for more than a day. You can typically find molds growing in the attic or other hidden places like bumps on the walls or under the carpet.

If you have a mold problem, you should start finding a specialist to help you get rid of it because removing mold is a long process.

Scrub and Clean the Area

Drying up the area can stop bacteria from multiplying, but you should also watch out for remaining infestation.

While waiting for your appointment with the water damage repair service, you could start using bleach or any homemade cleaning solution on the affected area.

You can make your own cleaning solution by taking an empty bottle with spray and then place a little funnel on the mouth of the bottle. Get 1/2 cup of white vinegar and then add two tbsp. of baking soda. Let this solution rest for about five minutes, and then you would notice the foam would subside.

You could also add an essential oil of your choice and then spray the solution to areas you just dried. Then start scrubbing all over again. Scrub the affected area twice to get the best result.


Water damage is a traumatic experience, but it should not be that hard if you know how to deal with it.